Supreme Court Ruling on Guantanamo

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Today’s Supreme Court ruling really put a fox among the chickens.  I personally thought it was great.  Too bad the margin was so narrow.

No one can tell, at this point, what the ultimate effects of the decision will be.  The one thing it definitely  does is put a shot across the bow of the government.  Turns out, there may be some things they can’t do after all.  Certainly it put an end to the sham idea that simply because an american run prison was located in a foreign country it was somehow free from the constraints of the law.  Probably the same thing will apply having the dirty work like done torture done by foreign powers.  Outsourcing doesn’t do away with responsibility, apparently.

All I can say is, thank God.  The greatest power the United States had was not their military, it was the whole beacon of freedom to the world thing.  Most of the actions taken since September 11 have acted to trash that image, and nobody can honestly say the country is safer for it.  America must regain the moral high ground and this is a good start.

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